About in4mation insights

Office Pic Reception Area newin4mation insights, located in Needham, MA, was founded in 2006 by Mark Garratt and Steve Cohen. Their vision is to evolve the field of analytics and marketing research beyond the standard methods by providing the marketplace with highly innovative solutions and predictive tools. Throughout their careers, Mark and Steve have pioneered a number of methods in use today, including Choice-Based Conjoint, Latent Class CBCA, Computerized Designs for Choice Tasks, and Maximum Difference Scaling. We continue to develop new tools and techniques by combining real-world, practical experience with the best academic minds.

Our firm retains a "Board of Science Advisors," that consults with and advises the firm on the newest developments in academia and assists in bringing these developments from the classroom to the boardroom. Dr. John Liechty, a close advisor to our firm, has led major advances in the highly acclaimed Bayesian modeling arena.  We invest heavily in R&D to "raise the bar" in analytics and research, as well as to build out our IT infrastructure through our own internal Cloud to handle big data reporting and modeling.

Our core solutions include:

We have the unique capability of integrating internal customer, sales, and panel data with consumer survey data, which allows for completely customized, business-focused and rich insights on an individual to category level.

Our firm has a global footprint and provides custom solutions to a host of Fortune 200 companies in such industries as Consumer Goods, Retail (online and brick & mortar), Restaurants, IT, Telecom, Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals, and Media.