Senior Leadership

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Steve Cohen

Partner & Co-founder

  • Professional Summary: Over 30 years of leadership in marketing research in the US and around the globe, serving clients in industries such as packaged goods, IT, retailing, restaurants, medical devices and pharmaceuticals, entertainment, and heavy industry.
  • Role: I try to provide an environment where we have smart people working on the difficult problems our clients send to us, all while having a lot of fun doing so. I am absolutely proud of the team we have assembled at in4mation insights.
  • Proudest Professional Achievement: Winning the 2011 AMA Parlin Award for lifetime achievement in marketing research. Being in the same company as AC Nielsen, Peter Drucker, Ted Levitt, Paul Green, Jordan Louviere, and Glen Urban is truly an honor.
  • Education: Undergrad in Mathematics, Masters in Communications Research, and PhD (ABD) in Sociology. When I realized that opening a sociology store would not pay very much, I enrolled in the school of hard knocks and entrepreneurship. Things seem to be working out OK so far.
  • Why in4mation insights: Mark and I set out to form and grow a company that would apply the latest and most up-to-date marketing science to the solution of business problems, extending existing solutions and innovating new ones when needed. We have pushed one another to achieve more than any of us could have done alone.
  • Fun Fact: Addicted to shoes.

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Mark Garratt

Partner & Co-founder

  • Professional Summary: A career spanning both the business world and academics. Pioneered the analytics function at Miller Brewing Co., then later brought into Gillette to get them to the next level. Throughout my business career, solved problems by connecting and collaborating with academics, writing papers in peer-reviewed journals and sponsoring doctorates.
  • Role: Quality. The stuff we do really has to work and in a very real sense, we are only as good as our last study. My job is to build a sense of esprit de corps as we tackle difficult problems, make sense out of them, and make them actionable.
  • Proudest Professional Achievement: In the summer of 1998, various managers at Miller Brewing went on an active retreat sponsored by the Pecos River Group. At that meeting I got to know all the sales people, who were my clients. In the summer of that year and the next, I developed a playbook based on analytics on how to win the summer promotion season. It worked. I don't think I have ever seen an organization pull itself up by the bootstraps like that and I was proud to be part of it.
  • Education: MS in Mathematical Statistics, University of Illinois, Urbana.
  • Why in4mation insights: I have a passion for the science of what we do but also a very practical part of me that needs to see things work. The vision - of being a bridge between business and academics - doing something that neither can do very well on its own - is what drives me. My partners share this passion. What I didn't expect was that we would be able to cultivate such a smart and diverse staff and that our passion would turn to developing their skills and their curiosity.
  • Fun Fact: Undergrad in English Lit and a lover of poetry

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Miriam Konz

Managing Director, Client Service

  • Professional Summary: Twenty years of project management and insights delivery on the supplier side.
  • Role: Ensuring delighted clients.
  • Proudest Professional Achievement: Seeing Jerry Seinfeld in a commercial set in a grocery store because of my recommendation (extra credit: what year was that?)
  • Education: BS in Marketing and Management from University of Rhode Island.
  • Why in4mation insights: Fast-paced environment, creative approach.
  • Fun Fact: Miriam's a dog lover, despite being attacked by a Basset Hound when she was ten.

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Stuart Schwartz

Managing Director, Client Development & Corporate Marketing

  • Professional Summary: Over 25 years of creating value for clients (as a supplier) and internally (as a client) in client service, business development, trade marketing, category management and marketing.
  • Role: Communicating our marketing messaging to the marketplace and identifying potential partners to engage with.
  • Proudest Professional Achievement: Renewing a multimillion dollar services contract for a major client after a long and very tough process.
  • Education: BA in Business Administration, Rutgers University.
  • Why in4mation insights: Uniquely differentiated offerings, fun and very smart group of people to work with.
  • Fun Fact: Have traveled extensively - coolest place visited to date was Bora Bora.

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