Information Engineering & High Performance Computing

Shivakar Cropped

Shivakar Vulli

Managing Director, Information Engineering & HPC

  • Role: Design, develop, deploy and maintain hardware and software infrastructure for high performance analytics.
  • Education: Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering and Master of Science in Computer Science, Missouri University of Science and Technology.
  • Why in4mation insights: i4i is the leader in developing and using cutting edge Bayesian techniques coupled with high performance hardware and software infrastructure to solve large marketing problems.
  • Fun Fact: Develops autonomous robots in free time.

Rajiv cropped

Rajiv Kakarlapudi

Director, Information Engineering & HPC

  • Role: Developing and extending desktop and web-based numerical simulation and reporting applications. Also performs optimization of market research statistical algorithms and develops parallelized algorithms.
  • Education: Master of Science in Computer Science & Engineering, The Ohio State University.
  • Why in4mation insights: Opportunity to work with a wide-range of the latest technologies.
  • Fun Fact: Enjoys playing tennis, reading and cooking.

Ryan cropped1

Ryan Griffin

Software Engineer, Information Engineering & HPC

  • Role: Software engineering and code optimization for on-going projects. IT support for staff.
  • Education: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at Norwich University.
  • Why in4mation insights: Each day provides challenging, yet fun, projects that allow me to explore my talents further in the field.
  • Fun Fact: Was a band geek for many years during middle and high school. Played the saxophone in the BMR marching band.

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