Why in4mation insights?

in4mation insights offers innovative solutions encompassing Consumer & Market Segmentation, Customer Lifetime Value & Churn, Market Structure, New Product & Service Design, Sensory Research, Marketing Mix Modeling, and Pricing & Promotion. We value collaborative client partnerships and are extremely transparent with respect to our methodologies, applications, and engagement process.

Our senior partners are true thought-leaders and have been recognized for their contributions in the field of marketing science. Steve Cohen, cofounder and partner, recently won the prestigious Charles Coolidge Parlin award from the American Marketing Association, which recognizes the lifetime achievements of selected research practitioners and academics. Steve and his partner, Mark Garratt, have published many award-winning articles in Marketing Science, Journal of Marketing Research, Marketing Research Magazine, and Marketing Letters.

One of our firm's key differentiating capabilities is the use of advanced Bayesian statistical techniques developed by Dr. Liechty, one of our key Board of Science Advisors, and our staff of statisticians and software developers. We take the best of real world experience and academic excellence and apply them to your business needs, giving you access to some of the greatest minds in the industry.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Powerful Bayesian statistical techniques, unmatched in the marketplace, leading to enhanced measurement precision for marketing and rich consumer insights
  • State-of-the-art data acquisition and management platforms
  • Experienced innovators who have developed and pioneered the methods used today by others in the industry
  • Expertise working with many types of disparate datasets, including aggregate sales, customer transactions, household or custom panels, media data and survey research
  • Executive reporting coupled with high-level, experienced and practical consultation
  • Advanced optimization and simulation capabilities

in4mation insights is proud of its inventiveness, its diverse and experienced staff, and its on-shore operations. We develop customer-focused solutions backed by innovative thinking and state of the art technologies.