Client Success Stories – Choice Modeling & Trade-Up

Understanding Trade-Up Dynamics for Oral Care Division of Global CPG Client

toothbrush 100Client Issue / Need:

  • The oral care category has many complexities:
    • Manual vs. power
    • Children's vs. adults'
    • Wide range of price points
  • Client wanted to understand trade-up dynamics across complex line-up and the right price points for each stage.

Our Solution: Trade-Up Model

  • Dollarized the value of educational TV advertising and dentist recommendation.
  • Identified "sonic" as the key product attribute that consumers would pay more for.
  • Recommended new consumer target and price point for rechargeables.


  • Based on results of our study, the client supported continuation of the professional marketing program (never before quantified).
  • Prioritized sonic products in development stream.

Choice Study to Understand Drinking Occasion Landscape for Alcohol Beverage Client

people partying 150Client Issue/Needs

  • In order to increase sales/penetration, client wanted to understand in more depth the category usage landscape and how price and promotions interact with the need for a certain product in a specific drinking situation.

Our Solution: Choice-based conjoint with occasion dynamics using a Bayesian model

  • Understand the impact of promoting certain brands to target key occasions and consumers.
  • Uncover the importance of mood dynamics on consumption.


  • Salesforce was armed with a simulation tool that calculates incremental revenue by replacing an existing brand with a new brand; adding a brand to the menu; promoting a new or existing product.
  • Ability to better partner with trade to increase revenue on both sides.


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