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Assessing Taste Preferences in CPG

testtube 150Client Issue / Need:

  • Our client, a supplier of ingredients to several CPG companies, was interested in assessing the product landscape in order to identify areas of opportunity and whitespace, along with pinpointing products that may need improvements.
  • There had been many changes in this CPG category over the last couple of years, with a new entrant causing a tremendous amount of switching away from the traditional offerings.

Our Solution: The BaSIC Model (Bayesian Sensory Model Integrated with Characteristics)

  • After conducting a taste test with over 800 consumers, we used our BaSIC model to derive the preference landscape based on liking scores for each product.


  • The sales staff at our client was able to show true thought leadership in the category and be a better partner to their clients. Using the simulation tool, they have been working together to develop products that address marketplace white space and have been tweaking existing products to better satisfy consumer preference.


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