Our Breakthrough Approach to Market Structure – Understanding the Marketing Landscape...

  • What are the key motivational drivers in your category that determine how people shop?
  • How do package, form, brand and other factors play into the consumer decision to buy?
  • What are the opportunities for growth through major innovation?
  • Where are the redundancies and opportunities in my portfolio?

In the past, a range of techniques have been employed to provide a picture of the marketing landscape (maps, decision trees, choice experiments) with a desire to understand why consumers choose one brand versus another. We want to understand what consumer needs and what brand attributes drive the purchase decision. The ultimate goal has been to guide product innovation by identifying what is called the "white space" – adjacencies where we can gain share, and also to achieve disruptive innovation.

in4mation insights has developed a truly break-through model, the first substantial innovation to evaluate market structures in decades. We don't simply provide "trees," we give our clients the transformative understanding of categories that helps them win category captaincy and grow revenue.

We explicitly measure consumers' view of brands within a category and the trade-offs they make in choosing one brand over another, all within the context of the need-states or motivations for consumption.

Corrected Market Structure Map

This map is an example of an output from our market structure simulator.

What We Do

  • Integration of multiple data sources:
    We combine consumer survey information with scanner and consumer panel data (when available) in state-of the-art Bayesian models to form a deep understanding of the marketing landscape. We expose consumers to new-to-market products to measure their in-market potential, often stretching beyond existing product segments or so-called "product adjacencies."
  • Forward and backward views:
    Our technique is more robust and predictive for new products because it combines a forward-looking choice model (which captures innovations) while anchoring the findings in panel or scanner data. We provide accurate estimates of new product performance in year one under various marketing support conditions to understand their true potential or incrementality.
  • Understanding need-states, not just purchase:
    We gather rich details on occasions and need-states, permitting us to connect these to preferences for different product attributes. This enables us to understand the dynamics of changing categories and to position products in an ever-changing landscape.

Brand / Category Learning

New Product Opportunities

  • Consumer's view of category
  • Key motivational and need-state drivers of purchase / choice / usage occasions
  • Competitive brand / positioning
  • Optimal brand positioning
  • Strategic price positioning
  • Product placement / planograms
  • Key message communications
  • Identify trade-up strategies
  • SKU optimizations
  • Unfilled need-states / usage occasions
  • Role of emotions / motives
  • Sizing new product (share)
  • Cannibalization / sources of volume
  • Intro price positioning
  • Critical spend levels

Comprehensive Deliverables, Unmatched in the Marketplace

Key deliverables include...

  • Decomposition (the typical "tree") of attributes or drivers;
  • Detailed mapping of need-states and occasions to product attributes, white space, and need-state opportunity analysis, based on dynamic mapping tools;
  • Executive report of key learnings;
  • Volumetric simulation tool that allows you to investigate potential of new products, formulations, or packages;
  • Consultation on development of planograms.

Client Success Story

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