Next Generation Marketing Mix Modeling
Make Better Decisions Using Our Cutting-Edge Techniques

  • What are the returns on your marketing investments?
  • How do you allocate marketing spending to optimize profits?
  • Which factors drive sales performance and changes over time?

Analyzing historical data and making predictions about future performance are critical to the success of your business in today's unpredictable markets. in4mation insights offers our real world experience and cutting-edge modeling techniques to provide marketing insights that drive growth!

Each project custom-designed to fit your specific needs. We provide a full universe of knowledge and techniques that will launch your marketing analytics into a while new realm using an integrated, simultaneous model that provides:

  • Deep insights into customers, segments, markets, channels, and category.
  • Product attributes used to explain performance.
  • Simulations can be accomplished at any level that is meaningful and actionable for you.
  • Incorporation of the effects of offline and online marketing and social media.
  • Robust estimates of all effects, even when sales are sparse or the number of observations per store/chain or per person is small.

Techniques developed by business and academic industry leaders. We take the best of real world experience and academic excellence and apply them to your business needs, giving you access to some of the greatest minds in the industry.

  • Powerful statistical tools, unmatched in the marketplace.
  • Robust data acquisition and management platforms.
  • Executive reporting and dashboards including high-level consultation.
  • Quantification of the long-term impacts of advertising and promotion.
  • Enterprise-wide advanced optimization and simulation.

Experience that spans multiple industries: Consumer-Packaged Goods, Telecommunications, Banking and Finance, Automotive, Pharmaceuticals, Entertainment, Restaurants, Online and more...

Sample Output: Impact of a price cut is more than doubled when it is supported with Feature and Display.


 marketing roi graphics1a


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All Values are Percentages.

Proprietary Marketing Mix Modeling Services You Won't Find Anywhere Else

Our exclusive cutting-edge "Bayesian" modeling technique provides greater precision, handles large amounts of data, and provides rich details about your customers, products, and markets.

Sample Output: For Brand S, diminishing returns kick in at 100 GRPs, while ROI is maximized at 125 GRPs.

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marketing roi graphic2b

Our breakthrough advances offer the following advantages:

  • Analysis of all items and brands in a category – all in one model.
  • Simultaneous optimization across channels, brands, sub-segments, and time.
  • Understanding of how item characteristics, brand-level image, geography, seasonality, and a multitude of other factors contribute to price, promotion, and marketing sensitivities.
  • Stochastic Search Variable Selection (SSVS) technology identifies significant competitive cross-effects.

Results are delivered quickly via clear business intelligence reports, interactive software applications, and/or Software as a Service.

Marketing ROI Dashboard1 new

How big a splash are you making? in4mation insights allows you to make comparisons of contribution, effectiveness, and ROI on marketing tactics across all brands in a category, or to dive deep into each brand.

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