Engineering Your
Competitive Advantage

in4mation insights is an innovative research, analytics, and technology firm that helps clients demystify consumer and market behavior to drive business success.

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Cleverly Inventive

When off the shelf solutions will not meet your needs, we create new methods to solve your toughest business problems.

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Tools of Tomorrow

With unparalleled speed and scale, we offer industrial-strength, flexible solutions to enable rapid decision making.

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Correlated Partnerships

The best partnerships create something greater than the sum of the parts. We form long-lasting partnerships to deliver custom analytic solutions targeted to your needs.

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One Terrific Team

Everyone has a role to play in making our team work for you. We blend the best of award-winning academic marketing science with practical business knowledge and expertise to help clients succeed in today’s dynamic environment.

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About Us

in4mation insights is an internationally recognized marketing research and analytics consulting firm founded by Steve Cohen and Mark Garratt in 2006. Their vision is to evolve the field of analytics and marketing research beyond standard methods. They have combined their practical, real world experience with the best academic minds, including Dr. John Liechty, a member of in4mation insights' Board of Science Advisors, to pioneer a number of innovative solutions in use today.

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Solution Spotlight

in4mation insights announces a truly breakthrough approach to understanding your marketing landscape! Our technique integrates multiple data sources, is predictive, and goes beyond traditional purchase dynamics. We provide rich details on occasions and need states governing product preferences and competitive interactions. Do you want to understand how to best position your brands for maximum growth?

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