Engineering Your
Competitive Advantage

in4mation insights helps clients demystify consumer and market behavior to drive business success.

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Cleverly Inventive

When off the shelf solutions will not meet your needs, we create new methods to solve your toughest business problems.

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Tools of Tomorrow

With unparalleled speed and scale, we offer industrial-strength, flexible solutions to enable rapid decision making.

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Correlated Partnerships

The best partnerships create something greater than the sum of the parts. We form long-lasting partnerships to deliver custom analytic solutions targeted to your needs.

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One Terrific Team

Everyone has a role to play in making our team work for you. We blend the best of award-winning academic marketing science with practical business knowledge and expertise to help clients succeed in today’s dynamic environment.

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About Us

in4mation insights is an award-winning marketing research, analytics, and technology firm that provides strategic insights to maximize return on marketing investment.

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in4mation insights offers solutions to help companies make data-driven business decisions in the areas of innovation, activation, and spending optimization.

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