Sensory Research Reaches New Heights

  • What are prevalent sensory preferences? Who prefers what?
  • What are the drivers of appeal and relevance?
  • Where are the "white spaces" in my market?
  • Where do new and/or potential products fit into the existing marketplace?
  • Can we streamline the R&D process? Make it more efficient? More predictive?
  • How can we ensure we make the most of our R&D dollars?

Traditional product landscape studies offer a view of today and give R&D and Innovation teams insight into what may be appropriate areas for future development.

in4mation insights' approach gives our clients the tools they need to take them into the future, offering simulation approaches that not only offer a view of the current landscape, but a veritable crystal ball to predict the success of future products.

Our approach, BaSIC (Bayesian Sensory Integrated with Characteristics), has been pioneered by in4mation insights and our academic partners by combining sensory research, consumer characteristics, and product analyticals, all in one integrated model, tied together by Bayesian modeling.

What We Offer Our Clients

  • Better targeting: a more thorough understanding of individual preferences, including quantification of the uncertainty around our measures of all effects.
  • More reliable information from which to build new products.
  • Understanding of where prototypes will fit in the landscape without further testing through the use of a predictive simulation tool.
  • Substantial cost and time savings through the use of advanced designs and data fusion tools available with Bayesian methods.
sensory research graphic new
Above is an example of our BaSIC Sensory Landscape Simulator.

Why in4mation insights?

The Benefits of Integrating Bayesian Modeling & Sensory Testing

  • By using flexible experimental designs, we eliminate the need for every respondent to evaluate every brand and still achieve reliable results, yielding substantial cost savings for field research!
  • BaSIC looks beyond liking to understand the true drivers of choice by creating a link between hedonic/preferred sensory profiles and individual differences between people: demographics, psychographics, consumption occasions, and existing repertoires/consideration sets.
  • BaSIC also enhances and extends current practice by eliminating the error-prone stepwise process, simultaneously integrating analytics, sensory ratings, and liking, in one step.
  • Because the consumer is at the heart of our model, we easily identify consumer preference segments and place them on the product landscape.

Linking the Power of the Consumer and Product Characteristics to Preferences

  • We refine the product landscape map by identifying the demographics or occasion dynamics that influence the location of each person's ideal product.
  • Product locations on the map are explicitly linked to sensory attributes, panel evaluations, and/or analytics.

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